Offset & Digital Printing Company Offers YUPO Paper

Three Star Printing in Freeport, New York, Teams Up With The Global Leader In Synthetic Paper

Three Star Offset Printing, Long Island, New York, latest paper stock addition is the YUPO Synthetic Paper. It is 100% recyclable, waterproof and tree-free, with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs. Yupo synthetic Paper is perfect for the following:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Folders
  • Direct Mailers
  • Annual Reports
  • Invitations

If you would like more information regarding this stock or a sample of our offset and digital printing work please feel free to give us a call at 516-867-8223 or send us an email.

What is yupo?

YUPO is the 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free Synthetic Paper with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs.

YUPO Synthetic Papers are extruded from polypropylene pellets. The process of extrusion occurs in our quarter-mile long manufacturing facility located in Chesapeake, Virginia. The various grades, weights and thicknesses of yupo are spun into spools in lengths from 725 yards to 7,500 yards, which are cut in to widths from 6 to 66 inches. After cutting and finishing has taken place, they are ready to ship to distributors and manufacturers for commercial and technical markets.

YUPO Attributes:

  • Super-smooth
  • Prints consistently and effortlessly
  • Holds ink with razor-sharp precision
  • Durable
  • Wipes clean
  • Waterproof
  • Will not tear
  • Bright White

Ten reasons to use yupo Synthetic Paper:

  • It’s WATERPROOF, and stands up to the rigors of the elements and demanding environments.
  • Ultra-smooth and bright white, it’s a paper alternative that stands out.
  • Versatility – from packaging and labels to commercial design and marketing, yupo has grades for many applications.
  • 100% tree-free yupo is the premium synthetic that’s 100% recyclable.
  • YUPO is dimensionally stable for superior ink adhesion.
  • Chemical and stain-resistant yupo comes in various weights
  • YUPO is available in super-white and translucent grades.
  • You’ll have access to our sales and technical support team for every yupo project.
  • Because yupo is a pulp-free paper, shelf life of printed pieces is extended for overall value.
  • High-gloss yupo accepts die cutting, perforations, embossing and special metallizing processes with beautiful results.

Labeling and Packaging Solutions

YUPO IML – add yupo to your blow-molded packaging solutions and you have a brand item that is scratch proof, won’t scuff, tear or flag, and eliminates the need for adhesive backing, which is great for the environment. Follow the link to learn more about the In-Mold Label process.

Labeling and Packaging Applications

Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Automotive, Household Chemicals, Home and Garden, Hard Surface Cleaners

Marketing and Design Applications

Annual Reports, Posters, Postcards, Menus, Labels, Catalogs, Calendars, Inserts, Index Tabs, Hang Tags, Bookmarks, Envelopes, Banners, Manuals, Magazines, Maps, Business Cards, Kids’ Books, Bellybands, POP Materials, Flysheets, Coasters, Backlit Displays, Travel Guides, Water-Resistant Books, Heavy-Use Materials

Print, Design and Marketing Materials

Designers and project managers know that when a project calls for a truly extraordinary paper – one with a smooth feel like no other, one so white that color jumps off the page, and one that must be durable or withstand certain things that would damage ordinary paper – it’s time to call on yupo.